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HSR Mipy ✦ Phone charms

Lil' scrunky mipy phone charms perfect for matching charms with loved ones or just for yourself!
- 3.5 cm tall double-sided acrylic phone charm | Coloured phone charm with half a gold magnet heart attached! Remove protective film on acrylic surface before use.

🚨Heart magnets DO NOT connect with all designs due to the north & south magnetic poles! For your charms to connect, select (left) designs to connect with the (right) designs. Ex: Connect = Left + Right | Repels = Left + Left OR Right + Right

🚨 Do not pull on your phone straps or allow it to be tugged aggressively as it can result in it breaking 🚨

HSR Mipy ✦ Phone charms

  • Cafhune ✿ 

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