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About Us

What is Muni?

Muni is an online platform where you can buy all the art merch your heart desires and have it all shipped to you in one package. No more making the hard choice of buying only from one artist at a time! Collect any kind of merch from your top fandoms, and it will be delivered to you hassle-free.

As an artist, you don't have to worry about counting your inventory or packing your orders. Muni will take care of it all for you. You can receive reports on your stocks and sales, track how well your products are doing, and get featured on our site banners and social media pages. Take advantage of our services so you can focus on making your art.

Muni is the one-stop online art marketplace you've been waiting for!


Muni Shopper's Perks

Shop from all your favorite artists in one place—the Muni Shop! No more browsing multiple websites and paying separate shipping fees. Track your orders easily through our website and email. Here at Muni, we are committed to support genuine and passionate artists, to strive and ensure that all of the art in our shop are 100% artist-made and original.


Muni Artist Perks

Forget about the logistics—the Muni staff will take care of everything for you, and keep you updated on a regular basis. Track your inventory and best-selling products with our easy-to-use reports, and use this information to plan your merch stocks.Muni will take care of everything from inventory management, packaging, and shipping out your merch so you can focus on your art.You may also be featured on our website banner and social media pages; and have a Muni custom-made ad posts of your products.

Enjoy this online artist alley experience!

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